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Looking at your career and employment choices do you see success or failure? When you decided on your career choice and accepted the employment opportunity, you began with no prior experience. For many, the only experience you had began with what you learned in a trade school or college. What a real shocker, not quite what you had in mind.

When I graduated from college my career choice was social work. I chose this career path because I had the answer to solving the social problems in the American communities. That was a real rude awaking for me.Despite all the imposed obstacles that seem like barriers blocking my success they were only real if  I accepted it and acknowledge defeat. The solution to dealing with the barriers is seeing that the blockage to your success begins in your mind. Your mind dictates whether you will succeed or fail in every undertaking in your life. If my mind is prepared and conditioned to accept success, nothing will stop me from attaining it. On the other hand, if my mind is not prepared, no success building system in the world, no matter how good it may be, would work out for me.

I am sure if you look at your own career choice you will find many challenging experiences you attempted and failed. The reality is for the many who persisted facing the same problems and obstacles as those who failed, found a way to overcome. The key difference is the beliefs that are held in the mind. They believed that success was “theirs”. They believed they would find the answers to any situation and it drove them to continue when challenges came up. It is important to realize that belief is a state of mind.. Those who conquer in any endeavor they undertake, utilize belief. Those who fail don’t. There in lies the problem. One of the biggest mistakes that most people make when they come up against failure is quit and begin a new venture. Instead of looking inside, most people look outside of themselves for the answers. This is huge mistake.

Anyone who seeks to be successful and feel they are not need to ask one question, “Is there anyone else successful doing this?” If the answer is yes, don’t blame the venture. It is your thinking that is at fault. Moving on to another job or new project will not help. Only by changing your mind will you be able to change your success. Only by adjusting your belief will you be able to achieve what you desire.  Begin achieving the success you desire by setting your mind to attract success.